Saturday, 5 September 2015

United Track List

As always, here's a few details about the Track List I included at the end of the book

 Blood On My Name by The Brothers Bright
I love this song – the feel, the sound, the lyrics. For me, this is the soundtrack of the whole story.

I Never Told You by Colbie Calliat
This one is kind of cheesy and obvious in that it's how Gable feels about Sacha now that he's gone. Couldn't resist though.

Kingdom Come by The Civil Wars
The sound of this song is haunting and beautiful, and it's what I listened to when I was writing Sacha and Gable's shared dreams

We Are Broken by This, The Silent War
This one is Fortune's song

Far Away by Nickelback
At the risk of being a big, obvious cheeseball (again), this one is definitely Sacha and Gable's song. I have loved you all along, And I miss you, Been far away for far too long. I mean, just yeah.

Time of Dying by Three Days Grace
This is another that kind of represents the whole story for me, and it's also the song I listened to while writing and trying to get amped up for the fight scenes

Immortals by Fall Out Boy
I was literally just obsessed with this song for the longest time. It's my theme tune for the Fellowship of Awesome

Pompeii by Bastille
Another one for Fortune

It's Not My Time by 3 Doors Down
There's a fear in me it's not showing, This could be the end of me, And everything I know, Oh but I won't go – This is Gable's theme song for the book

Everything by Ron Pope
Though Nicky doesn't have as much of a voice in this story as he did in the first, he's still a big part of it. There are lyrics in this song that I think describe the confusion and conflict he feels when it comes to Gable – Can you tell me what it is you need, Cause I've been trying still I cannot see, These wasted moments brought me to my knees, I just want to give you everything

Breath by Breaking Benjamin
This is one of my favourite songs. It's kind of dark, which is why I think it's perfect for Gable

River Flows In You by Yiruma
Love this music. It's breathtaking. This was what played in my head over and over when I was writing the Gable and Sacha reuniting scene. Before I even wrote it, and was just picturing it in my head.

This Is Home by Switchfoot
This one is quite obvious again – it comes at the end of the story when they're all back home again. I like it, because it's upbeat and happy in contrast to the others

Anything Could Happen by Ellie Goulding
Another happy one. Celebrations are going on, fireworks going off. This one seemed ideal

Look After You by The Fray
Sacha and Gable, together again. Le sigh.

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