Sunday, 13 September 2015

Falling For Him - Coming Soon

Ivy Banners has just returned home to Fortune with her tail tucked firmly between her legs. Her career has been put on hold (indefinitely), her family think it's the perfect time for her to settle down with a husband and a baby (to her horror) and her relationship status is less than ideal (okay, she's heartbroken).
Nash Peeters is one of her oldest friends. He's the boy who shoved worms down her pants when she was a kid, the boy who helped her cause mischief when they were teenagers, the boy who taught her everything she needed to know about climbing trees and kidnapping gnomes. He's her best friend, her partner in crime, and now he's her roommate too. Oh, and he's also very, very heartbroken. So when Nash suggests the two of them share a no strings night of hot rebound sex, it seems like the perfect solution.
What could go wrong with that?
Because Ivy and Nash, they're too awesome to let a little thing like sex ruin their friendship. They're not going to fall for each other, they're not going to develop feelings for each other and make things weird between them. No way, not them. Until. . .until they do.
Turns out falling in love. . .it's kind of unavoidable.

More details and release date coming soon!

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